Terms of License and Copyright for Fotos.Gerstmann.Net

Explicative and descriptive texts of the images are available under the terms of the GNU Free Documentation License, because some texts are taken from Wikipedia.

All photos and pictures are explicitely NOT available under the terms of this GNU license.

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  1. All rights remain with the legal owners of the images.
  2. You are not allowed to expose images, if you are not the exclusive owner of the copyright.
  3. The personal rights of exposed people must be respected.

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  1. You may NOT copy our images.
  2. By no means our images may appear as your property.
  3. You may embed our photos and images into your websites, forums, blogs or e-mails through links,
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You may reduce the size of the embedded images, maintaining their proportions (400/300 = 200/150 = 100/75) (400/267 = 200/133 = 100/66).

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